Air Conditioning Installation

Air Conditioning Installation Sydney


At Wattle Grove Air, we specialize in air conditioning services and installation that goes beyond industry standards. In fact, we offer some of the best air conditioning installation Sydney has to offer.


Whether it is time to upgrade your air conditioning system or overhaul your old one, we have trained air conditioning technicians that are familiar with all types of air conditioning installations in the Sydney area. Our specially trained technicians can supply and install a wide variety of the top air conditioning brands, including ActronAir, Fujitsu and Panasonic.


Save time and frustration when you trust Wattle Grove Air with your split air conditioning system installation Sydney. Armed with the latest knowledge and industry information, our highly trained team of air conditioning experts are always ready to provide a full service air conditioning system supply, and installation using a wide variety of the top name brands in the industry


General Air Conditioning Installation


For your all-round, Sydney air conditioning installation needs, our professional technicians are certified with ARC Refrigerant Handling Licenses that guarantee correct installation of your air conditioning system and that your warranty is fully covered. In addition, certified electricians that are accredited by Master Electricians Australia perform all needed electrical work.


Whether you already have the air conditioning system of your choice or need assistance in finding the perfect fit for your needs, our team is capable of installing any brand of air conditioning system needed. While our top choice and recommendation is ActronAir products, we also recommend and use:



Ducted Air Conditioning Installation in Sydney


With years of experience installing ducted air conditioning systems, you can rest assured that our technicians will work with your builders and architects to ensure the most efficient installation of all ductwork. In addition, we can also work with pre-existing ductwork installations to make repairs and ensure that everything is up to standard with minimal intrusion into walls and ceilings. We really do offer some of the best air conditioning installation Sydney has to offer.


Even though split system installations can take more work than a standard installation, as a full service provider, our teams consist of various trade professionals (electricians, builders and more) to ensure that your installation needs are fully met with as little intrusion as possible. Whether you need your home, a rental or business property, or even an entire community fitted with the appropriate ducted air conditioning systems, our team of highly trained specialists are prepared to meet your needs.


Split System Installation


Wattle Grove Air is your source for air conditioning specialists that are ready and capable of handling all of your air conditioning needs. Installing split system air conditioning is a great choice for cooling one area or room in your home or business. We can provide reverse cycle air conditioning units for year round comfort or cooling only models for your convenience. Split system air conditioning units are extremely flexible for a wide array of applications and budgets.


As a great choice for maintaining optional comfort in an area or room, many factors can affect the perfect air conditioning unit size, such as windows, room size and location. With our experience team of professionals, we can help you choose the best brand, model and size of air conditioning system for your needs. In addition, we will walk you through every step of the process from start to finish, to ensure that your needs are met above and beyond satisfaction.