ActronAir Products:


ActronAir has been in business in Australia for more than thirty years, and the company has a great deal of experience in handling all of the diverse needs that homes will have in terms of air conditioning. ActronAir is able to adjust to a lot of the new trends that have arisen in air conditioning over the course of the past few decades.


Sustainability and the Needs of Different Climates


One of the biggest mega-trends in air conditioning concerns sustainability. More consumers are interested in saving as much energy as possible when it comes to air conditioning, with the realization that traditional air conditioning platforms are going to use a great deal of energy in almost all circumstances. There is also the fact that different climates are going to have vastly different needs when it comes to air conditioning. Australia has a warm climate, and Australians are going to have different air conditioning needs compared to the individuals who live in London, for instance.


Diversity of ActronAir Products


ActronAir offers both residential and commercial air conditioning products, so the company is able to supply air conditioning services to a wide range of different customers.


In terms of the residential products, ActronAir offers ActronConnect systems, which can be controlled through wireless devices. These products are especially modern and convenient for the individuals who are trying to get as much control as possible over their air conditioning systems.There are also ducted air conditioning systems that will manage to help people cool their entire homes effectively. The wall splits system will allow people to keep individual rooms cool, which is going to be more than enough for a good portion of the customers of ActronAir. However, people can also make good use of their existing duct work when it comes to the add on systems that are available through ActronAir.


Residential customers are easily going to be able to find the air conditioning system that they want and that is going to suit their needs the most effectively. The commercial customers are going to have a similarly positive experience.


ActronAir knows full well that commercial buildings are going to have much higher energy needs than residential buildings, and the air conditioning systems have been designed accordingly. Business owners who are trying to upgrade their buildings are still going to be able to get wall split systems that will cool individual rooms. However, they are also going to be able to get split ducted and packaged systems that are going to cool larger areas at any given time. The energy usage of the commercial air conditioning systems is going to vary between 25KW to 195KW. Commercial business owners should be able to find a set of energy inputs and outputs that is going to work well enough for them.


ActronAir Products: