ActronAir Wall Split

Keep Your Home Cooler Than Ever


But if there’s no central air installed on your property, how do you proceed? Is there a cost effective method to provide cool air to a single room? With ActronAir split system air conditioning, now there’s a better way to cool your home for a fraction of the cost. Get a free quote today and see how affordable air can be!


Attractive and High Powered


Unlike most single room units that are unable to effectively distribute air, ActronAir wall split air conditioners are specially designed to provide an effective, even flow of cold air in Australia’s harsh climate. Perfect for cooling a single room or an open floor plan, one unit is everything you need to maintain a comfortable temperature 365 days a year.


Superior Temperature Control


Boasting a superior operating range up to 50 degrees Celsius, over 4 to 7 degrees higher than most standard units, ActronAir can rival the very best. With the ability to keep any room cool and comfortable, wall split units are ideal for both residential and commercial applications, guaranteed to circulate cool air on demand, 24 hours a day.


Sleek, Modern Design


Unlike large wall units that immediately attract attention, ActronAir wall split air conditioners are sleek and sophisticated, complementing your decor rather than rivalling it. Each unit is smooth, small, and white, blending in seamless in any room. With a minimalistic display panel and remote controls to keep each unit face looking streamlined and smooth, you can find the perfect fit for any room in your home or office.


Technologically Superior


In addition to superior form and function, the ActronAir wall split unit boasts impressive features that put competitors to shame. Utilising DC inverter technology to improve efficiencies up to 35%, decrease energy use, and maintain the best possible temperature control, each unit is virtually noiseless and highly accurate. Rather than pulling in air from outside, this unique functioning rapidly cools air within the room, offering you an immediate blast of crisp, cool air when the weather becomes too hot to bear. Boasting a wide range of characteristics unique to ActonAir products, you can benefit from assets like:


  • Unique sensor-activated Follow Me technology
  • Fan speed control
  • Multi-directional four way airflow
  • Quiet mode settings to keep noise to a minimum
  • Self cleaning functionality
  • Mode selection to toggle between auto, cool, heat, dry, and fan


Best of all, you don’t even have to get off the couch. Each unit comes complete with a state of the art remote control, giving you the freedom to change temperature settings from anywhere in the room.


Top-Rated Cooling Power


When you want an individual unit with unmatched cooling power, you’re in the right place. As a licensed distributor and installer of ActronAir products, you can get the cool air your home needs at an affordable rate. Call today to get a free quote and see what the right air conditioner can do for you!