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Whether you’re looking to cool a small room or a large living room, Fujitsu air-conditioning ducted and wall split systems are heralded for their quality and their dedication to indoor air quality. We are Australia’s leading supplier of these air-conditioning units.


Focusing on Fujitsu on ducted and wall split units, we have the solution for small bedrooms or large living spaces, with a combination of technologies that will provide effective and efficient air-conditioning.


Ducted air-conditioning units are usually a whole home solution that allows you to control temperatures and air quality in different rooms from one system. The ducted systems are typically located in the ceiling of a house or near the baseboards, as it can be installed with your preferences in mind. The output of the air enters as many rooms as you want. Temperatures and hours of operation can be controlled from a central control panel.


Alternatively, ducted air systems can be used to reverse airflow, allowing the air in your home to stay warm during the winter. Ducted air systems are energy efficient, as it can be controlled with a timer function, allowing the air system to match your daily schedule and lifestyle. The practical functions enable you to individually set the mode, temperature, and speed. Even though effective, efficient, and intuitive, problems can arise. Since this is a complex system that caters to different rooms at the same time, problems can have a rippling effect. The compact design of the ducted air-conditioning system are easily installed by us, as well as maintained when need be.


  • Ducted air systems are compact and discreet, utilizing available space
  • Intuitive control allows homeowners to easily use their ducted air-conditioning system
  • Quiet and efficient, ducted air-conditioning systems offer perfect comfort for each room


Unlike conventional air-conditioning systems, a mini split system eliminates the need for basement evaporator unit and bulky ductwork by using a thin, discrete copper tubing instead.


The system can also work in reverse during the winter, to absorb heat from outside air and move it indoors to heat your household. Mini split systems are highly efficient, as it can cool your home year-round. Even though it may sound complicated, a small opening in the wall or ceiling seamlessly connects it to your indoor air conditioning units. The refrigerant is then pumped through lines from the outdoor condensing unit.


The main advantages of mini-split systems include:


  • You can heat or cool a localized area. This is beneficial for those who want a cost-effective system.
  • No need for ducts. The copper tubing run a small hole in the wall that easily connect to your system. The setup is quiet and discrete.
  • Energy-efficient. Many split systems are Energy Star qualified.


Wattle Grove Air: Fujitsu Air-Conditioning Installation and Service in Sydney


Not only do we specialize in the insulation and servicing of ducted air-conditioning systems and mini split setups, we also specialize in other Fujitsu air-conditioning products. Catering to the Sydney, Australia area, we are the one-stop shop for your air-conditioning needs. We service residential and commercial air-conditioning units, with service and repair for units that we’ve installed as well as pre-existing systems.