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Fujitsu Ducted Air Conditioning – Sales, Service & Installation in Sydney


Ducted air conditioning systems offer discreet air-conditioned comfort through the entire home. You can install Fujitsu ducted air conditioning in your new home or customize one to suit your existing air conditioning unit. Our professional experts can you help in either of these situations. Once the professionals install this system, you will only see the controller, discharge grilles and return air inside your home.


Our systems comprise of an outdoor and indoor unit as well as flexible ducting. Their indoor unit is concealed out of sight either under the floor or in your ceiling with supple ducting that distributes conditioned air through the vents situated throughout your home. The outdoor unit is normally positioned in a discreet location outside the house or office. You can use one system to control the entire house/office or even multiple rooms.


Experience year round cozy comfort in every season, in every room – with the Fujitsu ducted air conditioning system. Marvel at the comfort and convenience of touch-button climate control. The advanced control technology we offer brings you warm, and even heat during winter. During summer, you enjoy cool and clean air. All our ducted air conditioning units are perfect for a number of room applications and can even incorporate zone selection when necessary.


Here are some of the excellent features our range of ducted air conditioning systems bring with them:


  • Unobtrusive, whole home/office cooling and heating
  • Effortless installation
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Ideal airflow
  • Extremely large range


Fujitsu ducted air conditioning installation and ducted air conditioning service


In addition to being Fujitsu authorized service agents, Wattle Grove Air offers warranty repairs to Sydney and surrounding areas residents. If you experience a ducted air conditioning emergency, our experts can be of great help in a professional and timely manner. Our team services machines, which we have installed, and those we haven’t too. Upon completion of your ducted air conditioning system, we offer the golden opportunity for a comprehensive routine maintenance and repair that ensures your installed systems constantly run at optimal performance.


Breathe easier knowing that you and your system enjoy healthier air courtesy of our high quality air conditioners, which are extremely easy to operate. All our ducted systems evenly distribute clean air through outlets and ductwork that incredibly filter allergens as well as other harmful particles. Our friendly staff always looks forward to meeting and assisting you.


Because it is the dream of every person to have his or her ducted air conditioning system run cost-efficiently, regular service is crucial. We are here for you. Our proficient and highly skilled technicians help reduce greenhouse emissions and operating costs.


Why Wattle Grove Air?


Wattle Grove Air offers free quotes to all our clients. Additionally we boast a team of vastly experienced and highly skilled expert’s team. What is more is that our professionals handle installations all over Sydney. With us, you can rest assured that you will receive quality workmanship and fair prices. In a nutshell, here are the main reasons you should allow our specialists to handle your ducted air conditioning needs:


  • Environmentally friendly installations
  • Over seven years experience in the industry
  • Fully trained and qualified technicians
  • A wide range of service areas including Sydney and beyond
  • Fully insured as well as compliant to OHS standards


Talk to us today and let us help you solve your air conditioning problems in the most professional way.