Fujitsu Wall Split

Fujitsu Split System Air Conditioners are Dependable and Affordable


As one of Australia’s most widely known and most popular air conditioning brands, it’s no surprise that many Australian customers rely on Fujitsu split system air conditioning units to keep their homes and businesses comfortable. Offering products that operate at the utmost efficiency without sacrificing stylish design is what makes Fujitsu a household name in air conditioning.


As a leading supplier and retailer of air conditioning products and maintenance in the Sydney area, Wattle Grove’s team of dependable experts offer a full range of services and advice to get your Fujitsu split air conditioning unit installed and running smoothly.


Wattle Grove is a family-owned company relying on a team of experienced professionals to lead the way in reliable installation and service for air conditioning products both commercial and residential in Sydney.


Fujitsu Offers Products Designed to Fit Any Air Conditioning Needs


Known for being energy efficient, long-lasting, quiet and dependable, Fujitsu offers a wide range of air conditioners for use in homes and offices. Wattle Grove’s technicians can offer free quotes and recommendations about the Fujitsu unit that will best meet a customers needs. Fujitsu’s wall mounted split system units are available in three different styles:


Classic Range: The most versatile and basic range of options, the Classic Range offers selections that can efficiently bring a large room to desired comfort levels, with a controller that is easy to use and intuitive.


Lifestyle Range: Standard across all units, the Lifestyle Range offers uniformity in aesthetic throughout an entire house. Additionally, Lifestyle Range units come with technology that senses human presence and adjusts temperatures to fit the needs of the environment. The Lifestyle Range is Fujitsu’s most efficient range of air conditioning options, with some units receiving 5 star ratings in energy efficiency.


Designer Range: The Designer Range is for customers looking for form in addition to the function that Fujitsu guarantees in its high-quality products. Modern and attractive, the Designer Range offers options that fit with the decor of many homes and offices without sacrificing dependable comfort. With intuitive controls and Fujitsu’s human sensor technology, the Designer Range is efficient and aesthetically pleasing.


Quality Comfort With Customers in Mind


Fujitsu products are known for their dependable, high-quality equipment, because of their approach of serving the customer. With a commitment to environmental consideration, Fujitsu strives to create products that combine versatile and attractive units with technology that makes them last long and use energy as efficiently as possible. Features such as human sensor technology and intuitive, easy-to-use controls on Fujitsu units assure consumers that the products that they are purchasing come from a company with their needs in mind.


At Wattle Grove, the trained technicians that install Fujitsu air conditioning units in the homes and businesses of their loyal customers take this idea a step further. Offering free quotes and quality workmanship at a fair price, Wattle Grove’s expert team provides top notch customer service throughout the process of installation and a broad range of service and maintenance goals to customers all over Sydney; quality products installed by quality individuals!