Panasonic Products:

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Panasonic Air Conditioning Sydney


Panasonic air conditioners not only take care of the users, but also the environment. With the constant need for purified air, individuals are always looking for the best air purifier around. None matches the incredible Panasonic range of air conditioning systems. These units boast great features that ensure your home or office has pure and comfortable air at all times.


Panasonic Ducted and Split Systems


Specializing in both residential and commercial ducted air conditioning, our qualified technicians have more than seven years experience in handling top brands such as Panasonic. With state of the art technology, we install low maintenance systems that perfectly control the climate in your building thus providing an environment that is void of cold and hot spots. Air is thus circulated through a system of filters that executes fresher and cleaner air. We also offer constant professional monitoring and assessment to bring down your ducted air conditioning running costs.


A ducted air conditioning unit is the ultimate choice for an air-conditioned comfort in both your office and home. With this system, your only see air grills in the office or home – there are no bulkhead units. The grills are normally connected to a single outdoor unit that is quiet and compact.


A split air conditioning system brings with it an indoor unit that is linked to an outdoor unit. These systems come in an array of energy sizes depending on your room requirements and sizes. Our specialists offer advice during consultation on the exact size that is suitable for your office or home. You can install this system into one area or room of your house. You have the opportunity of cooling and heating or just cooling. Alternatively, you can choose the non-inverter or inverter types.


Panasonic Air Conditioning Installation and Servicing


Wattle Grove Air is the industry leader in the commercial and residential sectors of the air conditioning installation and service market. Servicing the entire Sydney region and surrounding areas, our team boasts sound knowledge of all industry products. This allows us to offer you energy efficient and high quality split and ducted air conditioning systems. You can also get reverse cycle air conditioners at a reasonable price that meets your budget.


Servicing all models and makes, we take pride in being an authorized dealer and specialist in all Panasonic air conditioning systems. Our full qualified and certified technicians can effortlessly install, service and/or repair any air conditioning system in Sydney and surrounding areas. Our team is highly trained to not only diagnose but also fix all your air conditioning problems. We also conduct routine repair and maintenance work just to ensure that your systems operate efficiently and economically. With our maintenance programs, your equipment will always run at peak efficiency through adjusting all controls to the factory recommended settings. We use world-class tools and testing gadgets to test the performance of your whole system.


At Wattle Grove Air, we have a group of highly skilled and vastly trained air conditioning specialists that offer free quotations, advice, installation and servicing of a full range of air conditioning units for both your commercial and/or residential building. By allowing us to handle your air conditioning needs, you enjoy the highest standards of quality. You always enjoy peace of mind knowing that your air conditioning unit or system is being handled by recognized and accredited Panasonic air conditioning specialists. You do not have to suffer alone by bearing all the heat or cold inside your building. Talk to us today.