Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted Air Conditioning Sydney


Wattle Grove air are an experienced leading supplier of ducted air conditioning Sydney has to offer. We carry a range of products from various manufacturers includign Fujitsu & Panasonic, however we recommend installing ActronAir products. ActronAir offers one of the widest ranges of ducted air conditioning systems in Australia.


Engineered specifically for the harsh Australian climate, they offer superior features for better comfort, reliability, and performance. A ducted air conditioning unit in Sydney allows you to cool or heat your entire home twenty-four hours a day.


Ducted air conditioning systems can help reduce your heating and cooling bill, and can also give you individual control over specific zones of your home. Every room of your home can be kept cool in summer and warm in winter, providing you with effortless comfort anywhere in your home in Sydney.


Ducted systems are ideal where you have a large home, or multiple areas to keep cool or heat. With the only visible interior unit parts being grills mounted in the ceiling or floor, ducted air conditioning units are discrete and the perfect match to any home’s décor and style.


All units come equipped with an easy to use slimline controller with a built in touch-pad, offering precise temperature control. Your dream of ducted air conditioning Sydney is a reality.


ActronAir offers multiple ducted air conditioning units, and Wattle Grove Air are the experts at helping you chose the best model for you and your family. We offer you free, unbiased advice, making sure that the unit you chose is the perfect fit for you. Are you looking to save on your heating and cooling bill, or maybe you want to be able to control specific zones in your home at different times? Whatever your requirements, we’re confident we can provide a ducted system that meets your needs no matter where in Sydney you are located.


Our classic system offers year round classic comfort. Designed to operate in conditions up to 50 degrees Celsius and as low as -10, the classic system offers year round comfort. It offers an easy to operate system with flexible zoning capabilities to suit your lifestyle.


The ESP Plus and Ultimata models helps you save up to 60% on your heating and cooling costs and are the only fully integrated ducted air conditioner with zoning systems that varies airflow.


Lastly, the Actron ESP Platinum includes advanced technology that allows it to reach maximum capacity up to five times faster than conventional inverter systems. It can also run up to 75% more energy efficient, saving you hundreds of dollars a year. This unit is one of the most popular ducted air conditioning Sydney residents choose.


In most homes, installing a single ducted air conditioning unit is a cheaper option than installing a split system unit in every room. Adding a ducted system also increases the value of your home.


Because the outdoor units are located away from each indoor vent, ducted air conditioning units are whisper quiet. Inside your home, air flows quietly and unobtrusively through concealed ductwork. A vent can be placed almost anywhere you desire in your home, and is limited only by your house design. Ducted air conditioning units offer you quick and effective heating and cooling whenever you need it.