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Split System Air Conditioning Sydney


Wattle Grove air are an experienced leading supplier of wall split air conditioning Sydney. We recommend installing ActronAir products. ActronAir wall split systems are the ideal solution for today’s open plan living. Engineered specifically for the harsh Australian climate, they offer superior features for better comfort, reliability, and performance.


Say goodbye to energy loss. Wall split systems use electrical components and tubing to supply cool air directly to a particular room or area. The absence of any duct work makes the unit as energy efficient as possible, sending the air directly from the outdoor to indoor unit.


Wall split system air conditioning units have both an indoor and outdoor unit. The indoor unit generates cold air, while the outdoor unit contains the compressor and condenser coil. Split system are idea for space where a window air conditioning unit may not be suitable.


ActronAir split systems use advanced DC inverter technology that delivers improved efficiency, reducing your running costs. This also allows the unit to adjust its capacity as needed to provide you with the optimum amount of heating or cooling required.


The fan speed on the indoor unit can also adjust airflow for optimum comfort, offering precise fan speed and reduced noise.


Unlike many other inverter systems, ActronAir units are designed for Australia’s weather conditions, featuring an operating range from -15 degrees right through to 50 degrees Celsius. This makes split system air conditioning Sydney favourite choice.


Simply put, our units look good. Each indoor unit features sophisticated modern design to complement any home’s décor and style.

Each unit also comes equipped with a remote control, allowing the perfect balance between form and function. The remote is also designed in a minimalist fashion, and features stainless steel buttons along with a large display for ease of use.

Our split system units offer features such as a built in sensor offering Follow Me control, fan speed selection, 4-way multi-directional airflow, 4 option mode selection, and a sleep program. They’re also self cleaning—saving you the job! This minimizes the build up of dust and reduces mould growth.


Heating and cooling your home equally and effectively requires good air circulation. Several of our split system air conditioners are equipped with multi-directional airflow. Alternatively, for the ultimate comfort simply place the remote control next to you and click the ‘Follow Me’ button. Each unit incorporates a twelve speed far for improved airflow required for large and open plan areas.


Every unit is also equipped with a High Energy Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, capturing 99% of air particles such as dust, pollen, fungi, and bacteria.


ActronAir units also incorporate sleep mode, maximising your comfort even as you sleep. For the first two hours, the temperature is adjusted by 1 degree per hour, and then holds steady for five hours, before switching itself off. Sleep mode is also enhanced by our Quite Mode, which keeps the unit noise level literally at a whisper. Split system air conditioning Sydney says yes!