Split System Installation

Fujitsu, ActronAir, and Panasonic have developed a range of products perfectly designed for you – and better than ever before. These air Conditioners are incredibly designed to offer much more than just cooling ease to homes. They purify your surroundings, save energy, and impressively adjust cooling power to match your living styles and spaces. Living in an environmentally friendly way is now much easier than ever.


Split system air conditioner installation


Split system air conditioning units are tailored to heat or cool single rooms, such as individual bedrooms or living room.


These systems are perfect for those individuals on a smaller budget. These excellent and cost-effective solutions offer both heating and cooling and you can install them in almost any location.


Wattle Grove Air attends to the best, most energy efficient as well as quiet split systems available on the market. Boasting vast experience, Wattle Grove Air is surely equipped to offer nothing but the best solution for both commercial and residential air conditioning requirements. Our highly skilled and friendly team of experts is available to handle all service calls to remedy any faults and/or equipment breakdowns for your split system conditioners. We guarantee it!


Internet control


Fujitsu, ActronAir, and Panasonic have enabled users to control their air conditioning with a smart internet control gadget via tablet, Smartphones, PC, and even smart desktop phone through the internet. Presenting similar functions as though you were at home or office: mode operation, start/stop, room temperature, set temperature, etc and the new, complex functionality offered by Internet Control to attain the finest comfort and effectiveness with the lowest energy utilization.


We can handle devices that boast internet control capabilities. Our technicians will arrive in time to ensure that your internet-enabled gadget operates efficiently without fault.


Internet Control is usually underlined with the jingle “Your home in the cloud,” meaning an easy and simple to manage solution has been presented for every user to perfectly manage the gadget, not needing any communication or computer skills. No adaptors, servers and no wires – just a tiny box is required to be connected and finally placed near the air conditioning indoor system… and your smartphone, tablet or PC.


Your current Wifi connection impressively does the rest anytime you are at home. You need to start the application from your computer, your tablet, or smartphone device and enjoy a brand new experience in utmost comfort. If you are out of your home, all you need to do is launch the application, and efficiently manage the air conditioning unit of your home right from the cloud. An instinctive and user-friendly app on the screen of your PC or smartphone that enables you handle or control the air conditioning system in the same mode you do using the remote controller at home.


Wall Split Air Conditioner Install


Feel free to get in touch with the highly skilled professionals at Wattle Grove Air for a free quote. Our experts will professionally attend to your air conditioning needs as soon as possible. Undeniably, you will not regret it.